Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Family: When you hear that word, what do you have come to mind? For me, family doesn't only mean the ones that are related by blood, but those that have come along side me in times of need, struggles, traumas and have stood beside me. This is the family that I think of when I hear that word. I know that I have family that are related by blood, but sometimes blood family just doesn't feel the holes in our hearts and then God provides those other "family" members that we need. I know in my own life, sometimes the hardest places in my life, are the times that I have felt alone because my "family" has shunned me for one reason or another, or there are issues that just cannot be resolved. The loneliness sets deep into my soul at those times because I desperately have needed my blood family and often they just really haven't worried about me as their daughter, sister or mother.. I know that sometimes I have been the one that has held the family together during the deaths of loved ones but often times, that is when I really need a hug or someone to step into my life and say that they cared about me... Not because of anything I have or haven't done, but just because I am ANGIE... Isn't that enough? Many times through my life, I haven't felt like just being ANGIE is enough and that I must meet some standard and some "expectation" to get the love and support that I have so desperately needed. When you grow up in a home that often times doesn't accept you for the way God made you, then when you add on top of that the way society judges women and especially women with panic attacks, fear and other struggles, then I can understand why there are so many other Christians struggling with accepting themselves, problems and all. No person is free from struggles or pain, yet it is how we use those experiences. Do we use them as a way to have a pity party? To hurt others? Or do we tell how God has helped us through all of the pain, tragedies, fear and hurts?? That is my goal in this newsletter. I would never want to bring glory to the enemy through the telling of my story or my struggles. My glory will only be to the ONE TRUE GOD... Who has saved me more than once from myself and from the enemy.. I have so many instances where I can clearly tell you that God had HIS hand on me and was making sure I was being held under HIS WING... No,,, Pain doesn't end because we are christians but I am so thankful that I can say that I live for the ONE TRUE SAVIOR and GOD.... Nothing can seperate us from the love of God.. Today, I am praying for you in whatever area you are struggling.. I pray that God will send a friend or a loved one in your direction to help you face whatever needs to be dealt with.. Maybe it is something from your past. Maybe it something in your life now that continues to be a hinderance to your walk with the Lord.. Friend, continue to pray and ask God to minister to you in the areas you are facing. He will meet you exactly where you are.

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