Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Boy, time has flown by. This past month has come and gone and I haven't written in a month. Wow. Where did the time go?

Things in our family have certainly changed. On December 27th, 2011, we had our new grandaughter, which has been a true blessing. We haven't had a baby girl in our family for 3 generations so it is somewhat of a new thing. My husband had a brother, we had two sons and then we had two grandsons, so this sweet, little girl is a blessing from God. I am still adjusting to having a little girl in the family, but buying all of the cute clothes, hair bows, shoes, socks etc has been a blast. Everytime we would go shopping before Adisin was born, my husband would automatically say " I know you are going to the PINK"... Laughing... Yes, I love that little girl and I am so thankful for a healthy birth. Our oldest son never thought that they would be able to have a child together, so this has truly been a blessing. God knew that our son would be a great step-father but God also knew that our son wanted a child of his own, even though he loves his two boys from the depths of his heart as his own. Love has no boundaries whether we have the same blood and genes.. Love is not a feeling but a choice to love..

Of course, our longings and deepest desires are also God's longings and deepest desires. Our desires mean as much to God as they do us, even though at times God may not fulfill our longings and desires in our time, He will always do what is best for us. Sometimes I forget that. I often want to continue to control, question and doubt His goodness, yet deep in my heart I know He only wants the best for me. Maybe my desires and longings are really not what is best for me.. Who Knows? Only God has the big and best plan and that is something I need to remember everyday....

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