Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Friday, February 17, 2012


It seems that God has been speaking to me about a specific phrase. The phrase is STEP OUT.. I believe that living a life on this earth requires us to make choices everyday to reach out to others or to stay in our own little world. I have always struggled with finding my way in the world because I am basically a fairly shy person but through my employment over the years, I have learned to be more of a people person. I guess that is why my new unemployment has been so hard for me in many ways. I looked forward to the days I worked because that gave me the ability and opportunity to talk to other people, minister in small ways and somehow make a difference in my life. Through being home I haven't quiet found out what I need to be doing to find a place for outreach and a way to get out some during the week so I am not just home day after day. I have enjoyed being home and being able to do my crafts, read and spend time taking care of my home, but I do miss seeing others and conversation on topics of importance.

Another reason I believe God has given me that phrase is because at times we must make a conscious decision to STEP OUT of our past and into the newness HE has for us. I have lived my life in fear, living in the past and beating myself up, but over the last few years I have learned that God has called me to STEP OUT of all of that junk and use the past for HIS glory. I cannot change what has or hasn't happened in my life, but I can make a choice to bring glory to HIS name by STEPPING OUT and making the necessary changes to make my life better. Sometimes that may be choosing to keep dysfunctional situations and people out of our lives, putting boundaries into place, standing up for yourself or any number of things God may call you to do. Be open to His leading as to the necessary changes you must make to STEP OUT of your past and into the wonderful place HE has for you.

I will guarantee you that it won't be easy but boy, the payoff will be worth it. You will be in HIS will and following the path HE has set before you. God doesn't want us living in the past and dragging all of that baggage along with us everywhere we go. The baggage must be dropped to pick up the blessings HE has for us. Be willing to do what is necessary to find the true path He wants to take you on.. Be courageous. Be hopeful and always looking to HIM. He alone has the answers and the guide is always available in HIS word.
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