Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friends and the Social Network

In today's society, we often think that if we have tons of "friends" on our facebook, our twitter or our blog, that somehow acknowledges that we mean something to these "friends". I am not saying that we cannot have true friendships through social media outlets, because I know that is possible, but I think in our society we often mistake that as being authentic with our so called friends, if we stay in touch through twitter or FB. Our authentic self can only be known through a connectedness that comes through a relationship with first our Lord and Savior, and then through a friendship that is more than mere words on a page or a text message on a screen. Friendship means that we accept that person for who they are; without any preconcieved notions or plans to change them into who we want them to be. Sometimes through social media, we only know the person that we see on the screen and maybe that is just a persona that is being displayed for everyone to see, and not really the "true" person. I have been studying the word "true" for awhile because I am writing a bible study on the True Vine written in John 15. I know that we think we have "true" friendships based on a relationship online, but without a connectedness through a one on one basis other than through the internet, I believe it is hard to have a relationship that is "true". We need to take the time to step out of our social media outlets and make the effort to connect through real conversations on the phone, writting emails or handwritten letters (Love to do this) or having a lunch date with this friend. I know that having a one on one lunch date isn't always possible if we live in different areas of the country, but lets take the time to really think of ways to connect other than through social media. The definition of True: sincere, real or our real nature. Our "True" self is what God has called us to be. Let's not be fake or false in who we come across as being. God wants the "true" US as do our other relationships. Be true to yourself and to others by offering the real YOU.. You are worth it. You are loved by God for just being YOU.. Check out my friend Mary Demuth. You can obtain a free E Book called "Uncaged". It is an awesome book. Have a blessed weekend.

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